Our mission is to spread awareness of the realities of life on the autism spectrum and support the development of autism services, especially those provided by Autistic professionals.

We do this through our blended team of peer support practitioners, nurses, speech and language and occupational therapists. Using lived experience alongside trained professionals knowledge is a powerful source of support!

We offer training and service development support, to ensure autistic people needs are understood and adjustments are made to mainstream settings. We are great supporters of the Paula McGowan campaign to make autism awareness mandatory for all health and social care settings!

We also offer autism assessments, support and interventions to all ages and their support networks. The blend of our multi disciplinary team ensure we are able to support various needs.

Do you think you or a family member are autistic?

Our Services

Our Principal Objectives

  • To give young people and adults on the autism spectrum the opportunity to speak about their lives and experiences to the benefit of others; to coach and support them to be speakers and trainers; to ensure they are paid for this work
  • To enable professionals and families to gain the necessary understanding and knowledge to support and aid the development of the autistic children, adolescents and adults with whom they live and work
  • To encourage and support the development of autism-specific services including opportunities for socialising, employment and realising personal potential

And to raise public awareness of Autism

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What we do

Autism Oxford brings together people who seek knowledge and understanding of the Autism Spectrum and autistic behaviour with those best able to impart it. We also signpost and support the development of autism-specific support services. We do this by means of:

  • Offering mentoring to autistic people and their support networks.
  • Autism assessments, and support from our multi displinary (MDT) team which is made up of; peer support practitioners, nurses, speech and language and occupational therapists.
  • Undertaking research and consultancy work on the needs of people on the Autism Spectrum and their family carers.

Meet the Team

Our Background

The name ‘Autism Oxford’ was first used by the Oxfordshire charity, ‘Children in Touch’, when they held their International Conference: ‘The Search for Coherence from the Fragments of Autism’ at Christchurch College, Oxford, in 1999. We are indebted to the late Sheila Coates and other trustees of Children in Touch and the conference organisers for agreeing to our use of the name ‘Autism Oxford’.

‘Autism Oxford’ was originally known as ‘Autism Speakers and Professionals’ which was founded in 2007 by Kathy Erangey in response to the need for high quality, affordable training on Autistic Spectrum Conditions for professionals and family members. It is not a registered charity, but a small business organisation with social aims.

In 2020 Kathy retired, and Autism Oxford UK was taken over by Kimberley Ashwin who is a parent of a young autistic young lady and also has worked in the NHS supporting autistic people. The business continues with the aims to ensure autistic people and their support networks are able to access the right support and the right time, while also promoting the benefits of autistic people being part of the workforce.