What we do 

Our Special Educational Needs (SEN) Consultancy provides personalised advice and support to parents, carers and individuals on how to get the right support within education.  

We work with the individual to understand their long-term goals and the support that would be required to achieve those goals.

Services We Provide 

SEN Consultancy Support 

We can provide advice and support in the following areas: 

  • Applying for an Education, Health and Care (EHC) Needs Assessment 
  • Checking the quality of your Draft EHC Plan following EHC needs assessment or annual review 
  • Helping you to look for the right educational placement 
  • Helping to advocate for you in meetings with your school, college, Local Authority and other professionals 
  • Helping you to understand what support you or your child is entitled to in relation to education 

SEN Advice as part of Your Autism Assessment 

If you or your child is having an Autism assessment with us, we can now provide SEN advice as part of that assessment. This includes:  

  • Looking over all the information collected through the assessment process  
  • Providing a recommended course of action on the Autism assessment report  
  • Having a phone conversation of up to 30 minutes with you to discuss these recommendations   

If you are interested in our SEN Consultancy services or in having SEN Advice as part of your Autism assessment, get in touch by filling in the form and we can book your free initial consultation of up to 30 minutes. This helps us better understand your goals and ensure we match the right service for you.