Employment Support

Let’s talk job skills  

We know that autistic people have so many strengths and things to offer a service by the very nature of their neurodiversity, however in the UK, we have a shockingly low number of autistic people in meaningful employment.  

We want to change that!  

Autism Oxford UK employs a neurodiverse workforce (please see our vacancies for any job opportunities we currently have) but we are also keen to support you to showcase these strengths and the advantages for having autistic employee’s.  

Training for Organizations 

We offer bespoke workplace base training to all size organisations around autism awareness and promoting the strengths of a neurodiverse workforce. We also explore your responsibilities as an employer to make reasonable adjustments and the benefits of often minor changes can have on the efficiency of your organisation but also the wellbeing of your employees.  

Employment Mentor

Our Employment mentors can help you with your employment aspirations. It doesn’t matter where you are on your employment journey, we can help from exploring your strengths and ‘job role matching’ to interview preparation and once you gain employment, supporting you to maintain this.  

Work based placed assessments  

Working with autistic employees and their employers, our workplace specialists help to provide practical and reasonable working environments by recommending reasonable adjustments that align with the Equality Act 2010. This helps employees reach their full potential and ensure the support they receive at work is right for them. Face-to-face and virtual assessments are available.