Diagnostic Assessments

We offer autism assessments in Oxfordshire at our base, Thomley Hall and virtually to ensure assessments are accessible to all. All our autism assessments are NICE compliant, and we use the ‘Gold Standard’ assessment tools (ADOS-2*and ADI-R) for all our assessments along with other screening and assessments tools along the way. This means the assessment should be accepted by your Local Authority and the NHS; however, it is always worth checking before paying for a private assessment.

Our team use the DSM V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual Version 5) for determine diagnoses.

Assessing Profiles of Autism Spectrum Condition

We get lots of enquiries about our experience of assessing the various profiles of Autism Spectrum Condition, for example female presentation, Savant or PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance). During all Autism assessments completed with a young person or adult, we consider the various profiles and how this might present. For example, in the ADOS-2 informed observational assessment, we will be assessing how someone respond to interaction demands or make what we call ‘presses’ to determine if someone is camouflaging.

Our team have extensive experience in assessing all the various profiles including PDA and will always follow NICE guidance and make recommendations based on needs and individuals’ strengths. At present autistic profiles are not within the DSM-V as separate diagnoses and therefore we consider these as profiles