Attwood & Garnett on Autism

Date: 13th January 2020 - 14th January 2020 9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Day 1: Mental Health & Autism; incl Depression & Suicide Risk

Research has shown that Children, Young People and Adults on the autism spectrum are more likely to experience mental health problems. They often have difficulty with the understanding, expression and regulation of emotions, resulting in high levels of anxiety, stress, anger and/or depression and subsequent effects on family, teachers, other professionals, friends and peers.  Our Speakers will explore common issues and what may help.

Day 2: How do Autistic people learn best – in education, at home, at work, in therapy, in general, to live a ‘good life’?

Thanks to extensive research into how autistic and non autistic brains function, we know that there are significant differences. It follows, therefore, that methods of learning, teaching and explaining which work well for non-autistic brains, will need adjustments in order to be effective for autistic people of all ages. To be successful in teaching autistic people at school, at work, at home, in everyday life, we need to properly understand natural autistic learning processes and how to adapt our methods to suit. What are the keys to helping autistic children, young people and adults learn how to live a good life as an autistic person rather than striving to be like the majority and feeling like a ‘faulty version of normal’?

Also on Day 2:  Professor Geoff Bird of Brasenose College, University of Oxford on Alexithymia:

“Alexithymia refers to a condition in which people have trouble identifying and describing their emotions.  About half of the population with autism are alexithymic, compared to about 10% of the general population.

I will speak about our research which attempts to work out which differences traditionally associated with autism are, in fact, a product of alexithymia. I will argue that a lot of the negative stereotypes surrounding autism are due to poor thinking by scientists about autism, alexithymia, and the nature of concepts like empathy.”

This event will be of great interest, usefulness and importance to everyone working and living with autism.  We need to adjust our working and home practices and environments to work and live successfully with autistic people of all ages. Without appropriate adjustments, we risk continuing to exclude autistic people from the services we provide.

Feedback from our last Attwood & Garnett Conference, January 2019:

Third time I’ve attended an Autism Oxford event with Tony. Would suggest everyone working in the diagnostic services attend! Fabulous – entertaining, informative and highly relevant, Dr K RUSSELL, Community Paediatrician

This has been the most informative and helpful conference I have attended in my professional career. My approach to individuals with ASD will be completely different thanks to the knowledge I have gained, Laura FERGUSON, Team Manager Mental Health Social Care Team, Hampshire

Thank you SO much – changed my professional practise, Helen NUNN, Occupational Therapist

An absolutely amazing day. A wonderful amount of knowledge gained and some great insights and strategies, Naomi AMOR, Parent

A great day all round. Much food for thought and also practical ideas, Jules McKIM, Intensive Interactive Specialist Care Co-ordinator

Kept my interest the whole time. No waffling!, Jo CARTER, Midwife

As a parent of a son with ASC, I’m so grateful to this conference as I can take home strategies and tools to use, Cheryl FUNNELL, Parent

“Professional, entertaining, energetic – masters of their subject. Another inspiring conference, full of helpful information” Nicky THIRLWALL, Parent

Booking rates for both days, including refreshments and lunch:

Professionals: £330 + vat;     Group Discount: 20% off for groups of 5 or more professionals

People with ASC & Family Members: £275 + vat;     Concessions: £225 + vat

Booking rates for one day, including refreshments and lunch:

Professionals: £215 + vat;     Group Discount: 20% off for groups of 5 or more professionals

People with ASC & Family Members: £180 + vat;      Concessions: £145 + vat

Booking rates are kept as low as possible, but the costs of hosting this event are exceedingly high, far in excess of our other events.  Recognising that not everyone can pay the advertised rates, we have set aside a limited number of subsidised places for people on benefits – please email: 


If PAYING FOR YOURSELF, please pay by card when booking to AVOID a £30 + vat admin fee.


Location: The Kings Centre Osney Mead, Oxford, OX2 0ES


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