*Payments can be made via PayPal, over the phone or bank transfer   

Up to 30 minutes Initial Consultation   Free  
Autism screening   We will send you screening questionnaires and once completed analyse these for you to determine if it is suggestive of further assessment. Feedback is provided in an email or over the phone. This is charged at £250, however will be taken off the cost of the full assessment if you wish to go ahead with us.  
Autism assessment   Our Autism assessments are fully NICE compliant using a multi-disciplinary approach and are charged at £1,500 per assessment and are paid via invoice.  

This can be paid in full at time of booking the assessment, the process aims to be complete within a 6–8-week period.  

Alternatively, you can pay in instalments along the assessment process. If you are paying in instalments your appointments will be spread out over 3-4 months.   

Instalment breakdown:  

Instalment 1 £500. This is due at the time of the first appointment (Family History) 

Instalment 2 £500. This is due at the time of the second and third appointments (Observational Assessment and ADI-R/RAADS).  

Instalment 3 £500. This is due following the MDT 

Once the full amount of £1500 has been paid, we are able to share our final report with you and arrange our feedback meeting.

Autism profiling assessment  We are able to complete an autism profile assessment to help identify individuals’ strengths and differences. This can be helpful to explore type of camouflaging that might be being used within the ‘female presentation’ or any demand avoidance strategies being used within a PDA profile.  

This assessment cost £900 per assessment and includes a report highlighting the individuals autistic profile and recommendations.  

 *Please note: profiles are not a diagnosis in themselves but can be helpful to gain better understanding about approaches of support. This assessment is suitable to individuals with a formal diagnosis of autism already. 

 Profession specific assessment:  Examples include sensory assessments or nursing assessments. These are charged at £400 per assessment and come with a report.  
Lego Therapy   You will need a 1:1 session to assess your skills at the start of the course, which is charged at £70.  

 A 6-week group course with a max of 3 people per group is charged at £200 per person per 6-week course (each session lasts 1 hour) 

SEN support   If you would like to add a review of SEN to your autism assessment this is charged at £200.  

If you would like consultancy on provisions this is charged at £70 per hour.  

Transition Planning £70 per hour 

Support with completing a EHCNA application is charged at £300  

Checking quality of EHCP drafts is charged at £300, with notes provided.  

Preparation support for Annual Reviews or SEN reviews is charged at £70 per hour.  

Ongoing support:  £70 per hour. 
 Mentoring / coaching  £70 per hour. 
 Lifestyle planning   £70 per hour 
 Work based placed assessments   £1800 with a report provided.  
 Work based place support   £70 per hour 
 Consultancy   £70 per hour  
 Phone calls, attendance at meetings  £70 per hour 
Reports:  Clinic letters to GP £50  

Letter to support Reasonable adjustments £50  

Reports for tribunal purposes, please add additional £150 to price of assessment as we will need to include additional evidence-based information.  

Travel   Travel is charged at 45p per mile from our base at Thomley and return.