Autism Assessments

We are able to offer autism assessments to people who believe they maybe on the autism spectrum. Our assessments are completed by our experienced team of clinicians with many years of experience of working in the NHS, alongside our peer support practitioners who can support you through the process.

Our assessments are NICE compliant and come with a comprehensive report concluding the outcome of the assessment and any further recommendations of things we think might help.

Our assessments can be completed in person or virtually via Microsoft teams platform. If you are thinking of having your child assessed virtually and they are primary school age or younger, please do give us a call to discuss to determine if this is the right approach for you and your child.

We use a mix of the following assessments tools during our autism assessments pending on need, age and other conditions;

  • ADOS (*Please note if your assessment is completed virtually, we are only able to complete a ADOS informed assessment due to the nature of the assessment)
  • ADI-R
  • DASI
  • AAA
  • AQ
  • EQ
  • RQ

Don’t worry about what these mean- we will explain what assessments we are using and why we think these are the best tools for your assessment during your initial assessment consultation.

Our assessments are charged at £1200. This can be paid instalments or in full. If you wish to pay instalments fees are due at;

£200 initial consultation

Full assessment balance:

£600 instalment 1

and then

£400  instalment 2 4 weeks later

*Please note the report will not be shared until full payment has been received.