Autism Assessments

Diagnostic Assessment

A thorough assessment involves a detailed developmental history and an observational assessment with the individual. All our clinicians are highly trained in assessing autism and the diagnostic tools, such as the ADI-R and ADOS which are both NICE recommended.

All our assessments are carried out by two of our team as a minimum alongside our peer support practitioner, who provide invaluable support to the individual and/ or their support network through the process.

We will contact schools (if appropriate) and ask them to complete some questionnaires. Lots of families will be anxious about this , but please do not worry, this is only one part of the assessment process. We will also ask you/ your loved one to complete some questionnaires before we meet, to start to build an understanding a little bit about you/ your loved one.

Assessments are typically completed over three sessions broken down into.

  • Family history and early years development.
  • Observational assessment
  • Autism diagnostic interview using either the ADI-R or RAADS assessment tools.

Once we have completed your assessment, we will draft a report using the information we have found out about you and will then meet with our clinical psychologist to determine if a diagnosis of autism spectrum condition best describes your strengths and needs.

This part can take a few weeks but do get in touch if you have any questions or worries, during this time.

We are then ready to share your report with you. We will typically phone, text, or email (depending which way you have stated you prefer) to let you know your report is ready. We will then send your report by email and arrange a feedback session for you to ask any questions and discuss the recommendations within the report.

We charge £1500 per assessment.

We understand the cost can be a barrier for some, so we do offer payment by instalments to make the diagnostic assessment more manageable financially.

If you would like to use our payment by instalment offer, please let us know when you first contact us, as we will space out your sessions with us, to allow time for finances to recover in between instalments.

The instalments are typically broken down into 3 parts;

  • £500 after family history and early development
  • £500 after the observational assessment and diagnostic interview
  • £500 when the draft report has been shared.

If you choose to pay in full, the payment is due prior to first session being completed.

*Unfortunately, we will not be able to release reports or outcomes of assessment without full payment.

All our assessments are in line with national guidance (NICE) and use the same diagnostic tools that the NHS uses (ADI-R, ADOS, BOSA etc). However we know some local authorities prefer autism assessments to still be carried out by the NHS. Therefore, it is always advisable to check with your local authority, health team and/or education provider, prior to making a booking with us. They will want to know that the assessment has been completed by trained professionals. All our observational assessments are recorded so a second opinion professional can verify the ‘coding’ if required. We keep recording on file for one year, in case this is needed to be accessed for this purpose.