*Team update*

Congratulations to our amazing Peer Support Practitioner wennafullerton , who will be taking up the role of leading our Peer Support Practitioners moving forward. She brings so much positivity, experience to the role!
Less than a week to go before voting closes!
If you would like to vote for Morwenna to be shortlisted for the National Diversity Awards-Positive Role Model award, please click on the link in below and feel free to share.
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Autism Alert Card

Unfortunately we are no longer leading the Autism Alert Card Scheme.

However are fantastic partners have taken this on and please use the following links to apply;

For children and young people, please go to Autism Family Support; 

Oxfordshire Autism Alert Cards

For Adults, please go to Oxfordshire Adult Autism Diagnostic Support Service;

Autism Alert Card


Hello, my name is Kimberley

Hello, my name is Kimberley,

As you will be aware Autism Oxford UK founder Kathy, made the difficult decision to retire in 2020. After several months of careful transition, I have taken over the responsibility of Autism Oxford UK.

I am a mum of three beautiful children, one of which is autistic and has other neurodevelopmental needs. She is my absolute inspiration, to make the world a better place for autistic people!

I am also a registered Learning Disability Nurse, and have developed my career in the NHS for the last 10 years.  During this time I have developed my interest in autism, mental health and common co-occurring physical health needs. I have worked mainly with adults, but also worked with young people. I have had the privilege to be shortlisted for my work around reasonable adjustments in 2019 at the National Learning Disability and Autism awards, and invited to speak by Baroness Hollins in the Houses Of Parliament.

My ambition is to employ autistic people alongside highly trained clinicians working together to meet the needs of autistic people in Oxfordshire. Together comes great expertise that cannot be achieved in insolation.

Autism Oxford UK will be expanding our offer over the next year, to include virtual training events, autism assessments and support, alongside our already well established face to face training programme and conference events (when covid-19 allows).

I look forward to meeting you in the future.


Best wishes,