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Our highly skilled Training Team is made up of autistic and non-autistic professional people, family members and autistic young people.  With this rich mix of perspective and experience we are able to impart up-to-date knowledge and best practice, enhanced by truly meaningful awareness of autism issues.

We tailor our sessions to the particular training needs presented, using a range of methods to cater for differing learning styles, as well as drawing on the existing experience of participants:

  • PowerPoint presentation and printed handouts
  • Audio-visual materials – to accompany discussion of how the autism spectrum is displayed and experienced
  • Discussions – to draw out any existing experience of the autism spectrum and use that experience to further educate the group and develop understanding
  • Activities – to illustrate the experience of daily life on the autism spectrum
  • Question and answer session – to allow participants the opportunity to explore any autism related issues and challenges they are facing with our knowledgeable and insightful trainers who themselves live life on the autism spectrum.

For information on our trainers, please see speaker & trainer profiles. Please contact us to discuss your training needs.


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