Autistic children
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Our Principle Objectives

  1. To help and inform anyone who might come into contact professionally or personally, with adults, adolescents and/or children on the autism spectrum
  2. To give young people and adults on the autism spectrum the opportunity to speak about their lives and experiences to the benefit of others; to coach and support them to be speakers and trainers; to ensure they are paid for this work
  3. To enable professionals and families to gain the necessary understanding and knowledge to support and aid the development of the autistic children, adolescents and adults with whom they live and work
  4. To encourage and support the development of autism-specific services including opportunities for socialising, employment and realising personal potential
  5. To provide Autism awareness training and specialist, bespoke training by means of a team which includes trainers who are on the autism spectrum
  6. To raise public awareness of Autism
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